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Our Company has been founded in 1912 as tannery, dyeing and finishing skins for gloves. From that moment on, thanks to the craftsmanlike work of several generations of the family Motta, we have been able to adapt ourselves to the variable conditions and needs in the market, proposing innovative and fashionable qualities at a wide range of prices. Our tannery is on an aerea of approximately 9000 sq. meter, counts approximately 100 employees and has daily production of approximately 7000 lamb-and goat skins, varying in qualities such as suede, full-aniline drum dyed nappa and semi-aniline nappa, shearlings, embossed and screen-printed, stretch leathers and suedes and many other qualities. The main goal remains always to propose new and fashionable ideas to our customers, trying to be as competitive as possible in all markets.

The position that Tannery Motta Alfredo SpA has obtained is the result of many years of experience and research : in the first years in the activity of producing skins for gloves and later on in producing suede and nappa for garments and accessories. In this way Motta has succeeded in getting a reputation of leader in this field.
The great expertise and ability has been achieved in acquiring raw skins originating from the best available sources in the world, applying the most advanced technology, sometimes even never done before in the leather industry, the highest technical and commercial knowledge of staffmembers, grown up in this business, the best relationship with the most important and famous designers in the world. All these elements made it possible for Motta Alfredo SpA to enter the new millennium, remaining at the top of its sector.

Our professional sales team, dealing with customers in many parts of the world, also having technical knowledge from many long years experience, is aiming to built up a strong relationship with our customers. We are used to work in good collaboration with them, in order to help them to create a collection, which is specifically for each of them, in the period September till November (Collection Fall/Winter) and in the period February till April (Collection Spring/Summer).

Of big importance is also our showroom where customers are welcome and our warehouse where we have many articles in a wide range of colors available, so that customers have the possibility to get skins quickly for urgent needs.

Five Motta's generations have spent or are ready to spend their lives with leathers in their hands. The founder's father himself, who produced handmade shoes, used to complain about the difficulty to find leathers meeting the demanding requirement of his Customers, just as the real creator of the tannery, Alfredo, used to complain about the difficulty of tanning and dyeing his Customers' leathers. Alfredo Motta's tannery was officially founded in 1912 for producing, on behalf of third parties, leather for gloves which was in those days the second main utilisation of this natural material after the footwear.

At that time the main success of the tannery was of dyeing leathers coming from different world areas and often ill-conserved only with aniline and a rudimental technology. A difficult and rigorous work to obtain a high quality product, that had to satisfy the not easy requirements of customers such as Trussardi grandfather or other important gloves-manufacturers of Milan and Naples. These difficulties, together with the constructive severity of those gloves manufacturers, not only gave security to that new-born Enterprise, but were a stimulus for a further development of Alfredo Motta's tannery and dye-house for gloves. In the first post-war period the tannery started to work leathers for clothes manufacturer, on its' own and no more on behalf of others, entering in a completely new market, also thanks to the support of the newly-graduated sons Felice and Giuseppe.

The new market was different for the purchase of row skins leathers, vegetable tanned after months of journey from India and South Africa, and for the developing Customers' target. Meanwhile, many tailors begun gradually to use leather, producing few models in limited colours and thus becoming the base of the main leather Italian Enterprises of the Sixties and the Seventies. A third period started, characterised by the tannery expansion, due to the increasing leather clothes' demand, and to the Enterprise ability to conform to the fast and pretentious conditions of the fashion sector. New row skins purchasing were discovered (New Zealand, Kenya, Morocco, etc.), original manufacturing were born and new ways of considering leather were developed.

For the first time in the clothing world Alfredo Motta S.p.A. tannery proposes, with a great success, pressure or screen printed leathers, in various colours and particular patterns. These innovations introduced the Alfredo Motta S.p.A. tannery in the main international markets for its constant desire of testing and its considerable skills. So, from America to South Chorea, from the close Germany to Japan, it established strict commercial links and created warehouses in every country looking for innovations. This huge expansion was possible thanks to the introduction of such professions as of the stylist/designers who created their own collections supported by important enterprises and could easily implement large scale production and consequently expand sales worldwide.

The Enterprise encouraged their creativity offering the collaboration of our tannery's technique/selling staff who, supported by the wide variety of colours, patterns, printings and by the high quality of leather, has put its experience at the service of these new talents, stimulating their proven ability by items even today the experts remember, such as "Mexico" by which the stylist Armani launched the famous jacket symbol of a whole generation. The Eighties and the Nineties were characterized by a further expansion towards new markets (China, Russia, Turkey), by the consolidation of the European and American ones, and by the introduction in the Enterprise of the shearling collection.

Thanks to the increasing leather's demand it has been possible to introduce, with the passing of the years, the information technology that, supporting both the production speed and the finished product quality, made this big leathers' laboratory become a really competitive world-class industry. We would like to conclude offering our thanks to the Workshop that, following the tannery from its birth until today, has hosted, promoted and also defeated projects, ideas, and ambitions without ever cop out of its important test role of the Enterprise technical capacities.