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An important factor is a collaborative partnership between the stylists and designers in order to prepare a custom sample based on an analysis of the latest fashion trends. This means that the experience, skills and a long standing tradition of our tannery has enabled  us to establish an open dialogue with major manufacturers around the world and  have become the benchmark for many of their collections with regards to skins. 

The most important fashion designers and brands from around the world are our loyal customers because of our multiplicity of articles as well as offering the highest quality products and our constant technical updating has distinguished our tannery as complex and reliable.  We have become a front ground which they can practice their creativity.

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Air as the basis of everything. Featherweights, ”light weights” for torrid summers and cold winters.

Impalpable three-dimensionality. The look of inconsistency. According to the style office at Motta Alfredo, global warming has already set a challenge based on yhe search for materials that are not only thinnerbut which also perform better. The task will be ever more arduous for the winter collections, because, with virtuoso skill, they will have to pare down aspects and perceptions of dressing that, until now, were intimately associated with an idea of heaviness. It’ll be worth it, though, because lightnessis seductive, it conjures up considerable tactile and visual suggestions, which can cleverly be adapted to the new hedonistic and emotional attention that is currently being paid to surfaces.
Staying with the idea of long-term forecasts, just how important will style gurus be when it comes to setting trends, and what role will you manifacturers have to play?
Few designers these days trust themselves to be able to decide what’s going to work and what’s not. Very few newcomers go on to become a point of reference. Most of them prefer to follow in the wake of the top brands that are already consolidated. On this front, it will be down to us to become more important, because studying ad hoc materials for fashion no longer means just making a technical contribution, but rather reinforcing the foundations of a creative identity that is looking more and more unsteady.
In what direction is the leather apparel industry heading? What areas of applications, that were once the prerogative of fabrics, can it hope to win over?
Fabric and leather always take it in turns, they will be seen together more and more often on the same surface, reciprocally imitating each other in a trasformist crossover that is much more stimulating. When it comes to apparel, leather, man’s first,ancestral form of clothing, will never die. On the contrary, it will always be perceived as an added value, like the instinctive legacy of atavistic and sensual luxury, as the most suitable material for expressing the rough soul that still lives in each and every one of us.